96-2000 Civic 6TWO1 Super Damper Coilover Kit

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32 Dampening adjustment settings (Hard-Soft)
-75mm Lowering from Standard
- Twin tube (oil/gas)

We adopted the strut to include a reinforced rubber composition which will reduce the damage to the rubber when lowering the car, also reduces road noise & helps with stand the body weight of the car.
Strong Steel rings reinforce the structure of the coilover kits, making them a very safe unit for road or street use. We also use a singular ring, instead of dual rings to prevent loosening under any impact.

Within the body of the coilover we have a dampening rubber which will reduce that feeling of bottoming out on uneven roads, minimising damage on the car or the suspension itself and also improving the comfort for driver & passenger whilst maximising the driving performance.

This Set will fit EK/EJ 96-00


for maintenance and longevity, we advice when fitting to be done by professionals. Any not fitted by professionals void warranty on the coilover kits –

The coilover threads should be coated with a thin layer of copper grease to protect the threads from the elements and allow them to be free-flowing, we advise you to keep check on the shocks while in your ownership and re-grease when necessary.

With the shocks being exposed to the elements,we advice you to keep check on them, keep them regularly cleaned and greased. If you want any further advice.

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