Foam BlastSnow Foam

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Foam Blast Snow foam can be used as a simple maintenance product by spraying on, allowing to dwell for a few minutes and jet washing off. This high end product will remove most of the existing dirt on the car without having to hand wash it. 

If your car is well protected with wax then pretty much all of the dirt will come off using this method, in other cases its great as a pre wash, use the same method above, then hand wash the car afterwards if you want to enjoy spending time on your car and have it perfect.

Dilution rates depends completely on your own preference, around 100ml snow foam with 900ml water will give you a great thick foam while still working great, simply add more foam blast or less water to find what you like best in terms of thickness. This also depends on the quality of foam lance you have, our videos and results are all from our own Foam Lance available in our accessories section.
Foam Blast is safe for all paint types.