Hybrid Wax 200ml

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Hybrid Wax protects your vehicle in one easy to apply application. It's fast and easy to apply and remove leaving astonishing results with a deep gloss shine. Hybrid Wax is suitable for all paint types and is made from the finest T1 grade Brazilian carnauba wax which is the hardest natural wax you can buy. Hybrid Wax will give you a Glossy long lasting shine that will make your paintwork pop just like you would expect. 
One pot of our Hybrid Wax should last you 20-30 cars depending on how thick you apply and the size of the car.
It offers a long term protection against salty roads and oxidisation from UV sunlight to leave your car looking it's best.
With Hybrid Wax we have designed it to sheet off your car effortlessly without leaving little water beads which means drying your car just became 10x faster.