Moroso Sump Bolts+Nuts Set (B-series engines)

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These sport compact oil pan stud kits from Moroso are designed to simplify pan installation and extend gasket life. They screw into the block and stay there, allowing repeated removal and reinstallation of the pan without stripping aluminum block threads. They have an Allen head socket at one end to facilitate installation. The lock nuts feature attached washers with serrated faces to provide positive grip on the pan rail, and the studs are cadmium and zinc plated to resist corrosion.

- Steel studs allow repeated R&R of pan without stripping blocks
- Simplifies pan installation and extends gasket life
- Studs have an Allen Head socket at one end to facilitate installation
- Lock nuts feature attached ashers with serrated faces
- Studs finished with black oxide and nuts are cadmium and zinc plated to resist corrosion

Oil Pan Stud Kit, 6mm. Fits Honda, Acura, Mazda Rotary, Dodge Neon, Toyota MR2 and others; includes 22 studs and nuts. M6 x 1.00 x 35mm